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Hannah Schellander Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Dorking, Surrey

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What my clients say...

"I would thoroughly recommend Hannah to anyone seeking help through hypnotherapy!"


“I would thoroughly recommend Hannah to anyone seeking help through hypnotherapy! She totally cured me of a very nasty habit of nail biting and after only one session. Her gentle calm manner made me feel very relaxed. She knows her stuff and I feel confident in recommending her.”

JB, Surrey

“I can highly recommend Hannah’s hypnotherapy treatment for overcoming a fear of flying, it certainly worked for me. I have just returned from an amazing adventure to South East Asia, and instead of experiencing all the usual anxiety and fear before and during the flight I actually relaxed and enjoyed all the flights. Even my husband and friends noticed how relaxed I was, so thank you very much Hannah for helping to make my holiday of a lifetime even more fun and memorable!”

Lesley Crunden, Surrey

“I 100% recommend hypnotherapy with Hannah! Professional and a great hypnotherapist.”

Tansy Button, Surrey

“Hannah helped me overcome a sudden bout of depression and insomnia. I didn't know much about hypnotherapy before but now I would wholeheartedly recommend her services. She took the time to explain the latest neuroscience findings in how the brain works (or sometimes doesn't work). This new understanding and our weekly sessions was the foundation to a quicker than expected recovery for me :) She is extremely personable and patient. I have always left her sessions on the up.”

Virginie Gehin, Surrey

“Hi guys, just a quick post about my personal experience... I had been unable to fly in any type of aircraft for over 20 years, now approaching my 50th year on this planet, I really wanted to see more of the world, so I approached Hannah with my problem. After two sessions, and me being rather sceptical to say the least, well, I can't explain how, why, or when, but my mindset altered, I became more positive, my fear seemed to subside. ..weird, but true, it worked for me, and I hope someone reads this and gives it a go, and it works for them too, it's changed my life. Thank you Hannah."

Ali Eagle, Surrey

“Hi there Hannah, I want to give you a little update on my progress, I walked into the dentist the other day (just another check up), and I was COMPLETELY calm and even had a long chat about my teeth with a totally calm and composed mind! I am so very blown away with the change that you have managed to make with my mindset and feel quite empowered in a strange way!”

Andy Ferry, Surrey

“Hannah is simply amazing! Very easy to talk to, making you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. So passionate, knowledgeable and insightful about her subject matter, you can’t help but be confident and inspired by the support she can offer. Sessions with Hannah are entirely positive and I leave feeling calm, full of personal strength and ready to take control of my future. Thank you Hannah.”

Patricia Smith, Surrey

“Keep up the good work... I think you are brilliant at it! Thank you for all you did for me. I found it most helpful and still listen to your CD daily."

NC, Surrey

“I went to Hannah with some anxiety problems that were preventing me from sleeping and were making life quite difficult at times. At the first consultation she quickly put me at my ease and explained the theory behind hypnotherapy. Over the course of the following sessions I found that my anxiety decreased a lot and I am now almost totally free of it. Her CD was very helpful between sessions. She is a friendly, intelligent, and thoroughly professional person and I am glad that I found her.”

NA, Surrey

“I came to see Hannah at a time when a number of life events (including a bereavement, a new job and a house move) had left me feeling stressed, anxious and lacking in confidence. Just finding someone who understood and believed she could help was a great first step and Hannah’s calm competence encouraged me to give hypnotherapy a try. I enjoyed all the sessions and the CD although (as Hannah had warned me) it did take three or four visits before I began really to feel a durable effect. After that, rather to my surprise I only needed a couple more sessions before I felt much more calm and relaxed and, perhaps most importantly, in control of my mental state. It is now several months since I last saw Hannah but I am delighted to say that the effect has continued – and if I ever begin to feel stressed I listen to the CD and it brings me back to a calmer and happier place. I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone feeling as I did and I would recommend Hannah as a highly professional and effective practitioner."

AB, Surrey

“Hannah, please don't take offence at this, but you're like a comfortable pair of slippers. When I came to see you, I wasn't sure if you could help, but I felt like you'd placed a metaphoric duvet around my shoulders and that I was in the safest place. Life gets challenging sometimes, you made sense if it for me and helped me 'reset'. Just a few sessions and I'm back on track. Thank you.”

JU, Surrey

"I still listen to your CD when I can't sleep - it's magic!"

EE, Surrey

“From the very first meeting with Hannah I felt in safe hands. Her professionalism meant that I felt secure to talk about my reasons for wanting hypnotherapy and reassured that I would not be judged or made to feel silly. I saw Hannah for a period of six weeks and over that time gained a much clearer insight into how my brain was working as she explained it in a way that was easy to understand and relate to; I found this invaluable and continue to refer to it in my daily life. The hypnotherapy itself was extremely relaxing and Hannah ensured that I felt safe and comfortable throughout. Over the weeks I could feel the effect of the trance work and noticed subtle differences that have had a positive impact on my life. My overall experience of hypnotherapy with Hannah was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend her service to others. The sessions enabled me to see things in a new light and gave me exactly what I needed.”

SB, Surrey

“I am so pleased with the outcome of my hypnotherapy from Hannah. I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I had even bitten my nails all the way down to the cuticle. After many attempts of trying to quit by the usual methods, I could not shake the habit. 2 weeks after my session, the need has completely gone and my nails are growing again. I would 100% recommend Hannah to my friends.”

EH, Surrey

“Thank you so much Hannah. You have a special quality about you, and made my therapy appointments with you a pleasurable experience. The mind is so very complex and I feel you have a special grasp and understanding of your subject. I think you could be on anyone's wavelength. You have certainly helped me and actually continue to do so with the CD you gave me!“

AB, Surrey

“I highly recommend Hannah. Not only is she empathic to your needs, but her solution focused hypnotherapy approach really helped me become more focused in my own career goals and improved my overall confidence. The power of the mind is really amazing, once we figure out what holds us back from changing our limiting beliefs. That 'eureka moment!' really comes home. Thank you Hannah!“

PS, Surrey

"I can't recommend Hannah highly enough. She put me at my ease immediately, yet her professionalism allayed my reservations and together we conquered my issues.“

JJ, Surrey

"Thank you so much. It's been a great help."

SB, Surrey

"My late stepfather was a hypnotherapist and over the years I saw how many people he helped, with various issues from stopping smoking, to bed wetting in children, to anxiety issues. I therefore decided to seek the help of a hypnotherapist for my own problem.

I saw Hannah Schellander for 7 sessions of hypnotherapy. I suffer from fairly severe chronic pain. Hannah had a very good understanding of how chronic pain manifests itself and although I knew a fair amount, she actually knew more about it than myself and she took the time to explain more to me at the outset of the sessions, in great detail, which I appreciated. With chronic pain, never ending pain signals are being sent to the brain and the situation is exacerbated by one’s emotional state. To improve the situation, one needs to relax more and be more mindful. I found Hannah to be very professional in her whole approach, whilst at the same time being empathetic, kind and understanding. During the sessions, I was able to reach a stage of deep relaxation and was pain free. This calmer more relaxed emotional state would then stay with me after each session and I would have relatively less pain. Hannah also gave me a recorded CD of a narrative that she uses during her sessions and suggested that it would be a good idea for me to listen to it in a quiet place, every day, which I have done. I would say that overall I am in a much better place in my life than I was before I had these sessions.

I therefore would strongly recommend that if you have a condition that hypnosis could help with, that you seek her services. Hypnotherapy can help with a very wide number of issues. Thank you Hannah."

NC, Surrey

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